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Company Elect Holdings Limited

The company Elect Holdings Limited was registered in the UK in 2008 and is an investment company whose activities are aimed at making a profit by making trade deals mainly in the commodity market, cryptocurrency, as well as cfd contracts. The company is represented on the world's largest trading floors: the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the New York Mercantile Exchange, the International Petroleum Exchange, the London Metal Exchange.

how do we earn?

Along with the speculative operations carried out through the conclusion of futures contracts, trading in the cryptocurrency market, the company also concludes contracts for the supply of raw materials to enterprises of the energy, metallurgical, food and automotive industries. In particular, we are the largest suppliers of such groups of raw materials:

Metals, including non-ferrous metals (copper, nickel, aluminum), precious metals (platinum, silver, gold) and rare-earth metals (lanthanum, scandium, yttrium, etc.);

Hydrocarbons (coal, fuel oil, gas, oil and refined products);

Agricultural production

Liquidity of these goods is high, but their cost can be subject to sharp rises and downfalls. Such volatility is provided for by various factors, including unpredictable (for example, climatic conditions in cultivation of agricultural products or the political situation in the world that affects the cost of oil).

This makes trading in the commodity market more risky than transactions on the currency or stock exchange, but on the other hand, it is the frequent changes of price that allow experienced traders to generate impressive profits from each successful deal.

Registered company: No. 6470405

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What we offer to the clients

All the above factors make trading in the commodity market very attractive in terms of profitability, however, the degree of risk is quite high. Not every investor can independently master all the subtleties of carrying out successful transactions, develop an efficient trading strategy, analyze all the factors affecting the movement of asset prices, and make an unmistakably accurate estimation.

Also, the scope of contracts must be taken into account. You can start trading on the currency exchange with an insignificant capital; however, transactions in the commodity market will require the presence of large capital investments, which makes this activity unaffordable to most investors.

Team of professionals

Success and rapid development of Elect Holdings Limited is stipulated, first of all, by well-coordinated work of the team of experts, which includes:

  • Traders concluding deals in accordance with the developed trading strategy;
  • Financial analysts, whose task is to monitor economic and political situation in the world, analyze the data obtained, make substantiated assessments on movement of prices;
  • Programmers working with software and maintaining the website;
  • Customer support interacting with the clients, providing advisory assistance.

Elect Holdings Limited has successfully resolved these issues. Investors with small and medium-sized investments are given a unique opportunity to consolidate their funds to obtain profit by transferring them to trust management of professional traders.

Goal and tasks investment company:

  • Ensuring a stable high income for the company and investors;
  • Timely accrual of dividends to each investor;
  • Minimization of risks due to deposit insurance and the creation of a reserve fund;
  • Forming partnerships with customers based on trust and real results;
  • Search for new technological and organizational solutions to automate the trading process and better interaction of all services and departments;
  • Reaching the leading position in the ranking of global trading companies.

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